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Functional Biomechanics of the Knee

This fantastic one day workshop will focus on the lower body mechanics affecting the knee. ​

"Gina and Ian really know their stuff. They provided a brilliant overview of the knee and opened up a new avenue of thinking for my future Sports Therapy endeavours. Thanks Guys!"
Matt Richardson
Sports Therapist
"Coming on this course has really helped me to increase my confidence around knee assessments. Going forward I will be a lot more comfortable in my understanding of client's problems and how to fix them."
Ethan Paul
Sports Therapist & Sports Coach
"A very informative and interesting day course on the knee. After 50 years of working in medicine and physical therapies I learn't and understood so much more today. All of this helped me understand physical and body connections in a different way, helpful for my clients and myself."
Jennie Sheringham
Acupuncturist & Complementary Therapist

Coronavirus Update

Our face to face workshops are on their way, we are just updating them and bookings will be available for 2022 very soon 

Why not try one of our Webinars while you are waiting.

Knee assessment1- Reinge Education- Knee CPD course

Health Professionals

This workshop will give you confidence to assess and treat the knee and lower body. We will explain how the muscles affect the joint and cause dysfunction.

You will leave fully understanding how conditions such as Patella Tendonitis and Runners Knee occur and how you can treat them to ensure they never return.  We will cover Ligament and Meniscus injuries and explain how they occur and how to treat and rehabilitate them fully.

Fitness Professionals

This workshop will enable you to train the lower body with confidence.

Whether training a healthy client, or one with knee/hip pain. Whether they have had a knee replacement or knee surgery you will leave fully understanding the structures involved and how to train them safely.

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