Lower Body Biomechanics

New course for 2020

This course  focusses on the lower body and will leave you fully confident in assessing and training the whole lower body. We will look at how the pelvis, hips , knees and feet all interact to create movement and discuss how dysfunction in any of these areas creates problems both up and down the movement chain.

Health Professionals

This workshop will give you confidence to assess and treat the lower body. We will explain how the muscles affect the joint and cause dysfunction. You will leave fully understanding how conditions such as Mortons Neuroma, Plantar Fasciitis, Compartment Syndrome occur and how you can treat them to ensure they never return.  We will cover hip and knee problems in the context of how the whole lower body works together biomechanically to ensure correct function.

Fitness Professionals

This workshop will enable you to train the lower body with confidence. Whether training a healthy client, or one with lower body pain. Understand how the movement chains work in lower body exercises such as squats and be able to recognise when dysfunction is stopping your clients performing exercises correctly. You will leave understanding how through your training, you can improve these mechanical chains to ensure your client can strengthen safely.

Course cost £99.99

Locations: Kenilworth, Warwickshire

       Portishead, Bristol


Event dates

Lower Body Biomechanics Workshop - Kenilworth
Waverley Day Centre
Lower Body Biomechanics Workshop - Portishead
Avon Way Hall

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