Disk issue.....no surgery here!

Disks are a real problem these days. Modern life does not serve the disks of the spine well. Many people are weak through their spine due sedentary lives which involve sitting for far too much of the day.

Disks are fluid filled sacs, they serve to provide shock absorption through the spine as well as providing stability and allowing for movement of the vertebrae. Therefore, it is not surprising, that as they become unhealthy, they cause pain. So what is causing our disks to become unhealthy.

Well the human body is designed to move and this is most apparent when we look at the spine. The whole design of the discs is with movement in mind. The small stabilisers of the spine, interspinales and rotatores provide us with muscular stability throughout the deep level of the spine, and this helps to give space between the vertebrae. This space is useful, as it allows the vertebrae to move and movement helps to keep the discs hydrated. Think of them as a sponge, when you squeeze a sponge in water, it absorbs the water and the disk works in a similar manner. So to stay hydrated, the discs need the vertebrae to move.

A dehydrated risk leaves it at risk of damage and the vertebrae inevitably sit closer together, as gravity takes its effect and the muscles can't counteract it due to being too weak. This leaves them far more likely to get damaged as the vertebrae rotate and move. So the medical world have the solution, which is to remove the damaged disc and replace it with an inorganic one. But is this the solution? The disc may now not be damaged, but the original cause is still there. So why not strengthen the muscles that create that space between the vertebrae? This would off load the disc and allow it to heal, it would give the spine back its stability and allow it to move, rehydrating the spine. So whether a Therapist or a Trainer, there is lots you can do to help this client, without the use of surgery.

We have a short online cpd video all about spinal stabilisation, so if this interests you, take a look at it here.

  • If you are using this for CPD, have a think about how you could strengthen the stabiliser muscles of the spine, write your findings up in your CPD log. For your free Reinge Education logbook, click here and subscribe to our newsletter.


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