Video shoot anyone?

I thought I would talk to you about our online courses today and give you a bit of information about what goes into making them.

Reinge Education is made up of just two people, husband and wife Ian and Gina Reinge. We have a busy clinic and a small child to look after so time is always a challenge for us, therefore, making time to make video courses is always fun, but we love doing them and here is an overview of how we go about it.

Writing any course, however short, for us begins with the research. Often late at night, once our son is finally asleep 🙄 we hit the internet and look at all the research we can on the area. Most of our courses are about anatomy and how anatomy affects function. So we are often seen with our anatomy books out, usually having an intense discussion about the function of a particular piece of anatomy. Peer reviewing takes on a whole new meaning in our house. 🤣 Our Bitesized CPD courses usually focus on one condition or body area so we check and double check the physiology of the condition and how exercise or functional anatomy affects it. Once we are completely happy with the function of the area, how movement affects this and how the area interacts with the rest of the body, we are ready to start filming.

So, remembering the lack of time in our lives, filming often takes place, either late at night or at a weekend. We use our clinic to film in and the clinic door has a really loud buzzer! We share the building with another business who also use the buzzer door. 😣 This means that if we were to film in the middle of the day we would be constantly interrupted by this buzzer. Buzzer noises don't make for the most professional video, so we need to film when the building is empty. We use our Mac computer to film on and many many takes later we have a raw video. Next we use i-movie to pop all the content together to form a basic video.

Now, in all honesty just video footage of us really isn't that interesting, so we add in anatomical pictures from a variety of sources (all paid for don't worry!) to try to bring the subject to life. Now we see lots of online CPD content and don't get me wrong the information is always first class, but generally it is really boring, especially if it involves lots of text! I for one hate reading pages and pages of text, I am a practical person, that is why I do this job, so we aim to make it as practical as possible so you don't get bored! We also keep it concise and we don't tell you everything about the subject, how can we, it is only 10 - 15 mins long. But we do pick the relevant things out so you can assess and treat the condition immediately after watching the video. We aim to make the complex, simple. And feedback so far suggests we are managing to do that. So, we spend lots of hours trying to make it interesting and easy to get lots of info from by adding text and images.

We then steal one of our lovely clients and, if relevant, film them doing the exercises we suggest, so you can see what we are trying to say. After all, on our workshops we can ensure you understand exactly what we are saying as we practically work through it all with you making sure you are confident with any tests or exercises and we can't do that on this online medium. One of our biggest concerns is that you will go away not understanding a test or exercise, or doing it incorrectly, so we try to make it as clear as we can. Then it is back to the dinner table and lots more peer reviewing: Did it make sense? Is it factually correct? Have we covered everything? And above all, is it interesting or boring. 😉

Then finally we upload it onto our website and wait for your lovely feedback so we can go back and start the whole process again. 😁 We aim to provide exceptional quality CPD, we are both perfectionists, so for us the job is never done, it can always be improved or enhanced and that is where you come in.

So why not give one of our short video's a go for your CPD this month and then let us know what we can do to improve it. 😀 Then write it all up in your logbook. To download your FREE Reinge Education Logbook, click here and subscribe to our website.

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