Practical Running Gait Analysis

This unique course will leave you fully confident in assessing and training runners.

"The course exceeded expectations. I feel confident I can use what I learned straight away in clinic and am confident that should I have any questions Ian and Gina will be on hand to help. Thank you, was well worth the travel up from Dover."
Jodie Sluman
"This course certainly lived up to my quite high expectations. I have friends who have benefitted as clients so was keen to learn from someone who has such a good reputation. I was a little worried that it may be intimidating for me as a massage therapist, but I didn't need to be. Everyone was lovely and everything was made easily understandable. I will definitely be booking on more courses."
Imi Testa
Massage Therapist
"This was my 3rd Course with Ian and Gina and I think they are fabulous. The information given is easy to understand and I love the way it can all be taken back and used with clients straight away. They are both really knowledgeable and would 100% recommend their courses "
Karen Mayor
Pilates Instructor

Coronavirus Update

Our face to face workshops are on their way, we are just updating them and bookings will be available for 2022 very soon 

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Health Professionals

This course takes you beyond the basics of walking gait and allows you to understand the differences between walking and running gait. How the forces affect the different foot strikes and therefore lead to injury.

You will truly understand what is happening at a deep structural level in conditions such as runners knee and plantar fasciitis and understand their implications for runners. 

You will leave understanding how to retrain running gait and how to realign lower body structures, using both hands on techniques and strength training. 

Fitness Professionals

Fitness Professionals work daily with runners and this course will give you in-depth knowledge of the different running gaits, their implications for running efficiency and injury likelihood.

Understand how to alter your clients running gait and how to train your clients to stop them getting injured while running. This course looks deeply at the sports science research on running forces.

Feel confident working with clients with running injuries and understand how strength training can not only improve their running, but also help them rehabilitate from running related injuries.

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