Functional Biomechanics of the Shoulder

This one day course looks in depth at the biomechanics of the shoulder.

It aims to demystify the shoulder complex and explore how the soft tissue structures interact to create movement.

"Attended the 5 Star - Functional Assessment Of The Shoulder course. It was very professionally presented, and I already can't wait until the Functional Assessment of the Spine and Pelvis course!"
Nik Todorov
Sports Therapist
"Last week I attended one of Ian and Gina's workshops. It was about the shoulder . Really enjoyed the day , very informative . A good mix of practical work and A&P."
Justine Blaber
Personal Trainer
"I have been on several of these courses. I love how they simplify the information in a professional world where everything can get very complicated."
Becky Carroll
Sports Therapist

Coronavirus Update

Our face to face workshops are on their way, we are just updating them and bookings will be available for 2022 very soon 

Why not try one of our Webinars while you are waiting.


Health Professionals

This course takes you beyond a basic level of structure understanding. It gives a true understanding of what is occurring during the standard joint and muscle tests for the shoulder.  It explores firing patterns and the interaction of pelvis position, posture and the lower body, with the shoulder. 

By the end of the course you will not only understand how to assess and treat complex conditions such as frozen shoulder, tennis elbow and clavicular fractures; but you will fully appreciate what is occurring at a deep anatomical level during these conditions and therefore how to get to the root cause of shoulder dysfunction to ensure the problem does not return.


Fitness Professionals

This workshop will enable you to train the upper body with confidence. Whether training a healthy client or one with shoulder pain. Feel confident training clients who have had a broken clavicle, dislocated shoulder or torn tendons. 

You will leave fully understanding the structures involved and how to train in a way that can not only help their recovery, but will ensure they don’t re-injure themselves in the future.

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