Functional Biomechanics of the Spine and Pelvis

Thank you Gina and Ian for a really informative and well presented course yesterday. I learned loads and have put something from the day into practice with every client I have seen today. Feeling much more confident about dealing with the spine and back/neck pain in general. Will definitely try to come along to the next ones! -

Caroline Holmes (Sports Therapist)

This one day practical workshop will ensure you understand how the anatomy of the spine and pelvis affects the function of the whole body. It explores in depth how the joints, bones and muscles interact to affect function. Whether training runners, weight lifters or treating chronic back pain, this course will give you the understanding needed to solve all your client's spinal issues and help them run faster, lift more and stay pain free.

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Health Professionals

This course takes you beyond a basic level of structure understanding. It gives a true understanding of what is occurring at a deep level throughout the spine and pelvis. It explores how the deep muscles interact with the spinal column to ensure healthy spinal mechanics and the interaction of the deep muscles with the more superficial muscles to effect spinal health.


We discuss the core musculature and explain concepts such as intra-abdominal pressure and thoracolumbar fascia and how these help to support pelvis position and therefore spinal health. We think about the bio-mechanical affect of the spine on the rest of the body including the shoulder, pelvis and lower body. 

By the end of the course you will not only understand how to assess and treat complex conditions such as disk issues, osteoarthritis and nerve problems but you will fully appreciate what is occurring at a deep anatomical level during these conditions and therefore how to get to the root cause of spinal dysfunction to ensure the problem does not return.

Fitness Professionals

This workshop will enable you to train the the spine, abdominal and gluteus areas with confidence. Whether training a healthy client or one with chronic spinal pain, we will ensure you have the knowledge and skills necessary to take your training to a different level.


Fitness professionals are being asked to train unhealthy populations more and more, never has there been a better time to increase your knowledge, so you feel confident training people with back and pelvis issues, some of the most common conditions affecting people today. 


By the end of the course you will feel confident training clients who have had disk issues, spinal surgery and post pregnancy. You will leave fully understanding the structures involved and how to train them in a way that can not only help their recovery, but will ensure they don't re-injure themselves in the future.

Event dates


Course content


  • Primary functions of the spine.

  • Bony structure of the spine and pelvis.

  • Anatomy of the Vertebral bodies.

  • Intervertebral disks.

  • Ligaments of the spine and pelvis.

  • Vertebral artery tests.

  • Red flags.

  • Transversospinalis muscle group anatomy, function and injury implications.

  • Cervical stabilisers muscle group anatomy, function and injury implications.

  • Core muscles anatomy, function and injury implications.

  • Assistive spinal muscles anatomy, function and injury implications.

  • Pelvic muscles anatomy, function and injury implications.


  • Palpation of the bony structures of the spine and pelvis.

  • Testing bony structures of the spine and pelvis.

  • Testing and rehabilitation of transversospinalis group.

  • Testing and rehabilitation of cervical stabilisers.

  • Testing and rehabilitation of core musculature.

  • Case studies - Discussion.

  • Case studies involving assessment/ treatment and rehabilitation of a specific presentation.

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