Functional Stretching

I've just attended one of the Reinge Clinic's workshops on stretching which was excellent. Great to hear a whole lot of sense, research backed information which I will immediately put into use for both myself and my clients. Ian is highly knowledgeable and able to pull together the information in a really accessible way. I look forward to any future workshops.

Lesley Waldron (Personal Trainer)

Truly understand the best way to help your clients through stretching. Understand the latest research and what happens physiologically in the body when we stretch. Most of all make stretching really work for your clients and achieve amazing results.

All stretching should take into account the whole body biomechanics and that is exactly what we discus in this course. We go into a lot of depth on how the stretch is affected by body biomechanics and body mechanics affect stretching, we discus the research behind stretching protocols as well as the physiology of stretching. 

This highly practical CPD course is aimed at Health and Fitness professionals. Anyone involved in training or stretching clients will find this course invaluable.

Fitness Professionals

Do you need to understand which stretch is right for which occasion, when is the best time to stretch, pre or post exercise. We look into all the different types of stretching: Ballistic, Dynamic, Active, Passive, Assisted, Isometric, Oscillatory, PNF and 3 Dimensional. We discuss what is occurring during these different stretches so you are confident in which one to choose for your client or sport.

Health Professionals

Do you need a better understanding in how to use stretching to affect your treatments? Do you clinically reason which muscle you are stretching, taking into account the postural biomechanics of your client? Using lots of case studies we discus why the area the client suggests is tight, is not always the area that should be stretched. Take your treatments to a different level by understanding how stretching can alter posture and improve biomechanics.    

Course cost £99.99

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