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"Thanks for another great webinar this morning Ian! Always practical, informative and just enough! You guys are helping me so much to keep my head together while I can’t work in clinic during the lock down! Thank you!"
Vaska Allsop
Sports Therapist
"Brilliant webinars, great content presented with an easy understanding. These webinars have helped me especially in this lockdown, looking forward to put my knowledge into practice."
Treena Swingler
I can highly recommend the very reasonably priced webinars offered by Ian and Gina. They are bite-sized, yet very informative, keeping the course content uncomplicated. They always provide a platform for questions to be asked after the webinars and welcome correspondence if further queries develop.
Becky Carroll
Sports Massage Therapist

July Webinars

Upper Body Biomechanics

24th July

In this webinar we look at the relationship between the Neck, Shoulders and Pelvis to understand how they are biomechanically reliant on each other. We look at the effect on the nervous system when the body isn’t aligned correctly and discuss the injuries and conditions that result from this. Trainers, we look at how a balanced gym programme can not only reduce injuries but reduce pain in those with existing problems.

August Webinars

3d rendered illustration of the sciatic nerve

Sciatic Nerve Webinar

Friday 14th August; Sunday 16th August 

Why does the sciatic nerve cause so many problems and what can be done to both treat this condition and to stop people getting it in the first place.

Join us while we look at the reasons this nerve gets upset looking from as far away as the foot or up into the pelvis and shoulder.

Rotator Cuffs - The stabilisers of the shoulder.

Friday 28th August; Sunday 30th August

Rotator cuffs are so important for the functioning of the upper body, join us for a deep look at the anatomy of these muscles.

Understand what happens to the other muscles in the shoulder when these muscles don’t function correctly. 

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