One Day Workshops  

Our one day practical workshops merge hands on therapy with biomechanics and exercise science.

We will be running these again starting in Jan 2022, bookings will open soon.

"This was absolutely fascinating - very well worth it and stuffed with ideas and learning to apply to my runners. Thank you so much!"
Anne Garnish
Personal Trainer
Attended the 5 Star - Functional Assessment Of The Shoulder course. It was very professionally presented, and I already cant wait until the Functional Assessment of the Spine and Pelvis course!
Nik Todorov
Sports Therapist
A fantastic, well presented course. The speed at which the content was delivered was excellent. Two great instructors who have superb knowledge.
Steve Anders
Sports Therapist

Functional Assessment of the Spine and Pelvis

This one day practical workshop will ensure you understand how the anatomy of the spine and pelvis affects the function of the whole body. It explores in depth how the joints, bones and muscles interact to affect function.

Running Gait Analysis

This unique course will leave you fully confident in assessing and training runners. You will understand the different foot strikes and their implications for running efficiency and injury prevention.

You will know how to assess shoe tread and understand how forces act on both the lower and upper body to effect your clients running.

Functional Assessment of the Knee

This fantastic one day workshop will focus on the lower body mechanics affecting the knee. ​

​We work through the joints, ligaments and muscles to ensure you are confident assessing, training and treating the area.

Functional Assessment of the Shoulder

This one day course looks in depth at the biomechanics of the Shoulder. It aims to demystify the shoulder complex and explore how the soft tissue structures interact to create movement.

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