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CPD Courses for Health and Fitness Professionals. 

Welcome to Reinge Education, where we provide CPD Courses that offer a unique perspective on anatomical learning, that delves into the intricate connection between anatomy and function within the human body. Our approach merges principles from therapy and sports science, to provide you with the tools and knowledge to effectively treat and train the human body.

Instantly applicable and useable knowledge

"The information given is easy to understand and I love the way it can all be taken back and used with clients straight away."Karen Mayor

Simplifying complex issues

"I love how they simplify the information, in a professional world where everything can get complicated" Becky Carroll

Relevant to all levels and professions

"After 50 years of working in medicine and physical therapies, I learn't and understood so much more today." Jenny Sheringham


At Reinge Education, we believe that continuous professional development is the key to staying at the forefront of the ever-evolving health and fitness industry. That’s why we have created  comprehensive CPD courses designed to empower health and fitness professionals like you, to elevate your expertise, and transform your practice and gym.

Our CPD courses are meticulously curated by industry experts, and focus on Functional Biomechanics within the human body.

With both online and Face to Face workshops, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills needed to excel in your field and provide exceptional care to your clients.

Online CPD Webinars

Reinge Education offers 1-hour CPD webinars with certification, focusing on common conditions treated by all Health and Fitness Professionals.

Delve into the functional mechanics that can lead to dysfunction in the body and gain a comprehensive understanding of conditions like IT Band syndrome, Patello Femoral Pain, and Frozen Shoulder from an anatomical perspective.

These webinars are designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to effectively assess, treat, and train clients with common muscular conditions.

Expand your expertise and enhance your practice with Reinge Education’s insightful webinars.

CPD spine and pelvis workshop


Reinge Education offers highly practical one-day CPD workshops for Health and Fitness Professionals.

These workshops explore the relationship between anatomy and function in the body, bridging the gap between therapy and sports science to provide a unique perspective.

The main courses focus on key areas such as The Knee, The Shoulder, Running Analysis, and The Spine and Pelvis.

Personal trainers gain a comprehensive understanding of the mechanics of each area, enabling them to train individuals to prevent common injuries.

Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Sports Therapists, Massage Therapists, and Bowen Therapists also benefit from these workshops by deepening their understanding of functional mechanics and developing effective strategies for resolving painful conditions.

Expand your knowledge and practical skills with Reinge Education’s CPD workshops for a holistic approach to client care.

Biomechanical Anatomy Videos

Reinge Education offers Biomechanical Anatomy CPD videos, which are concise and focused courses designed to provide a quick refresh on specific conditions.

These videos cover a range of conditions, including Tennis Elbow, Morton Neuroma, Patella Tendonitis, and more, in a fast and accessible manner.

Each video explores the assessment of the condition, treatment options, and training recommendations for optimal client care.

These videos are designed to be fast-paced and affordable, catering to busy professionals who are looking for convenient on-the-go learning.

Enhance your knowledge and skills efficiently with Reinge Education’s Biomechanical Anatomy CPD videos.

reinge education cpd courses

CPD Learning Packages

Reinge Education offers specific learning packs that cater to specific areas of interest, providing targeted CPD learning opportunities.

Each package consists of approximately 3 hours of comprehensive learning videos, accompanied by downloadable certificates for each video completed.

The range of packages includes options such as Strength Training, Knee Conditions, Shoulder Conditions, Gym Training, and many more.

These packages are designed to offer a convenient and focused learning experience for professionals seeking to expand their knowledge and expertise in specific areas.

Explore the diverse range of learning packs available at Reinge Education and take your professional development to new heights.

Taping Videos

Reinge Education presents a series of Taping videos created in collaboration with Rocktape UK.

These informative videos are available to view for free and provide insights not only into taping techniques but also into the physiological effects of the tape on the body.

The videos cover taping methods for various conditions, including Plantar Fasciitis, IT Band Syndrome, Tennis Elbow, ACL injuries, and more.

Whether viewed independently or in conjunction with the Biomechanical Anatomy series, these videos offer valuable knowledge and practical skills for professionals seeking to enhance their understanding of taping practices.

Take advantage of these free resources to expand your expertise in the field of taping with Reinge Education.

Golden Rules of Taping Video

Free CPD Video

I have now attended two Reinge Education webinars and can highly recommend them. Ian's vast experience and understanding are evident and I learned plenty that will usefully inform and improve my own practice.

The webinars are well structured and Ian was brilliantly attentive and helpful in the Q&A section at the end too. Superb value and CPD credit too. Thank you Ian and Gina
Francis Butt
Bowen Therapist
I recently attended the Functional Knee course. I can honestly say it rates as one of the best courses I have attended with the delivery pitched perfectly.

The enthusiasm, knowledge and overall presentation was first class with a high percentage of the day being hands on. Even though I have over a 100 miles of travel each way, I will be attending all of their future courses.
Steve Anders
Sports Therapist
A very clear and concice Bitesized video on Lateral Epicondylitis. It is informative, covering the pathology, causes, treatment and additional considerations.

The length of video makes this easily digestible and the questions at the end are logged to show CPD.

Tracey McClimon
Personal Trainer & Sports Massage Therapist

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