Practical Running Gait Analysis

"This was absolutely fascinating - very well worth it and stuffed with ideas and learning to apply to my runners. Thank you so much!"  

Anne Garnish (Personal Trainer)

This unique course will leave you fully confident in assessing and training runners. You will understand the different foot strikes and their implications for running efficiency and injury prevention. You will know how to assess shoe tread and understand how forces act on both the lower and upper body to effect your clients running.  


You will feel confident using video packages, such as coaches eye to slow down the movements and assess the body biomechanics of the entire body, not just the foot, during running. 


On completion of this unique workshop you will be able to stand out from your peers and offer another level of training and rehabilitation to your customers.   

Health Professionals

This course takes you beyond the basics of walking gait and allows you to understand the differences between walking and running gait. How the forces affect the different foot strikes and therefore lead to injury.


You will truly understand what is happening at a deep structural level in conditions such as runners knee and plantar fasciitis and understand their implications for runners. 


You will leave understanding how to retrain running gait and how to realign lower body structures, using both hands on techniques and strength training. 

Fitness Professionals

Fitness Professionals work daily with runners and this course will give you in-depth knowledge of the different running gaits, their implications for running efficiency and injury likelihood.


Understand how to alter your clients running gait and how to train your clients to stop them getting injured while running. This course looks deeply at the sports science research on running forces.


Feel confident working with clients with running injuries and understand how strength training can not only improve their running, but also help them rehabilitate from running related injuries.

Course cost £99.99

Locations: Kenilworth, Warwickshire

       Portishead, Bristol


Event dates

Running Gait Analysis Workshop - Kenilworth
Running Gait Analysis Workshop - Portishead
Running Gait Analysis Workshop - Portishead

Course content

  • Running styles: Barefoot and shod running and their implications for healthy foot mechanics and injury prevention.

  • Forces involved in running and their implications in injury prevention and treatment

  • Foot strikes: The anatomy involved in heel and midfoot strikes and the implications of different foot strikes in injury prevention and treatment

  • Over and underpronation: Muscles involved and implications for injury prevention and treatment

  • The differences between running on a treadmill and running in the real world

  • Transition: How to safely transition to a different running gait, barefoot shoes etc.

  • Shoes and how to assess tread

  • Eyeballing running gait

  • Use of Coaches Eye in analysing running gait

  • Video footage showing case studies of genuine gait anomalies.

  • Practical: Assessing the running gait both of delegates happy to do so and of video presentations

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